Tailored leading innovation for executives, senior managers, top management, C-suites and Board Members designed to optimize organizational capabilities and expand talent capacities in volatile business environment. Innovation is our business, not just them. It’s us.

The top management will feel more at ease and comfortable when discussing innovation. They will soon realize to optimize innovation capacity and capability will pay-off instantly. The workforce will feel rejuvenated and taking lead for the seeded innovation culture led by the top management & Board.

Our leadership development is built on modern human-centered design leadership framework called “Theory U” developed by Otto Scharmer, founder of Presencing Institute. Moving from Ego to Eco.

“Imagine a leap from our current self to our emerging future Self. We are facing that threshold, gap, chasm or abyss on all levels of scale: as individuals, groups, organizations, and as a global community. How can we activate our deeper levels of humanity in order to bridge and cross that divide? This is the organizing question and journey of Theory U.” – Otto Scharmer


Without openness……..

the crucial problems….

might never be discovered.

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