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Organizing tournaments and competitions is a good way to rally mass group of people to participate with high motivation. Everyone wishes to win and show their best self. Adrenaline rush is a good feeling sometimes, because it kicks in just the right amount to nudge us to innovate and make something different.

Learning from this insights, we combined tournaments and competitions with our speciality in design thinking methodology – we call it Innovation Camp & Hackathon. This format drives everyone including participants, stakeholders and customers motivated to make improvements and try something new and different.

Innovation Camp & Hackathon is a structured large group Innovation workshop customized to your innovation goals and objectives. Moving away from conducting innovation program like “training event” to generating innovation impact by organizing “Idea Factory”.

Combine everyone in your department from top to bottom or across job profiles or mix them up in one room in stimulating environment then pick their brains! High powered, high productivity and high alignment with top management direction. Exciting time ahead!

Challenge Level: 4-5/5 

Suitabie for Top Talents, Managers and Senior Management group. 


“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no results.”

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