As innovation activities grew, you will realize you need a strategic plan and roadmap, else haphazardly you will busy with lots of busy-ness. Investment in innovation needs to be top down, structured and well thought. This high level discussion and alignment will set your innovation direction if not on a straight line, it will be in control.

Digital transformation isn’t solely about technology. It is a definitive shift of mindset, way of working (culture) and business strategies. These shifts will impact your customers, competitions and market you operate.

DT LEADERSHIP work with Board members, executive management committees and senior leadership team as “outsider sparks” helps large & medium size organization and its workforce get back at innovation and profiting from it in the medium-long run. Steering it from being irrelevant, dormant and punching bags!! How long more can you last? Or why wait any longer?

We need a corporation innovation discussion. 

For a long time, many companies are on innovation-deficits; sticking to the usual, not creating enough new value, excessive cost cutting, delay decision making & lack customer centricity. They have been lowering the entry barriers to their own niche market for the competitors & start-ups! Pfftt grief 🙄

Now they need to get back at innovation, to rejuvenate the workforce and with single-minded mission for the customers & key stakeholders (shareholders included!)💪🏽 You need a plan!

If you are key management executives that feels you need to get back at innovation together with your team, do reach out.

You probably need corporate innovation programs such as innovation roadmap/blueprint, serious outsider-sparks conversation, leadership line-ups, common innovation tools, metrics to assessments, host of problems to attack, key customers to retain & attract, need of tech companies partner and start-ups to link up, do reach out too.

Assembling Corporate Innovation team #innovateandprosper

External advisors and on-demand Chief Innovation Officer (V-CIO) would together help navigate your organization innovation journey without creating excessive innovation department. Makeshift role that is adaptive, productive and innovative.

Most practitioners of creative and innovative methodology is fully aware that change is messy and has lots of “ding-dong”. It is almost impossible by any client to continuously engage external party for very long period to become “pair of hands”. In fact a client at some point should achieve it’s equilibrium of the skills and integrating it within.

DT LEADERSHIP feels the client, at some point needs sustainable solutions in charting their own organization talents development. We have designed this workshop to achieve such business goals.

We believe by coaching the client’s internal talents and leaders with design thinking skills, it will unleash hidden, unseen and latent opportunities that only internal people understand.

The CEO and Executive Management now has to develop an innovation business plan that outlines the focus of key activities.

In today’s world, passionate, spirited and driven organization are the most important attributes of all when driving innovation.

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