DT LEADERSHIP believes design thinking is a meaningful business tool to drive innovation and guide organizational transformation. In many organizations, there has already been pockets of design thinking activities. It is a great scene to see!

Design thinking helps organizations get back at innovation by solving the right problems faced by the customers. Design thinking is not just about sticky note, Sharpie pen and visual thinking.

“The goal of design thinking is to produce a solution that captures the hearts and minds of the team and the users.”

Well thought experiential workshop with balanced foundational theory and drilling practical application in projects. Use of proven design thinking methodology, conduct design sprint, customized innovation program.

This flagship workshop is hands-on style with laser focus on understanding of innovation, case studies of innovative products & services design and active toolkits. Surprise yourself and your team with your creativity and innovation capacities. You’ll be blown away to learn that ideas are everywhere! Do not wait for the flash of genius, let’s help you!

Challenge Level: 2-3/5 

Suitable for Executives, Managers and Senior Management group. 

“In a world where innovation is continuous and rapid, no one has time to waste on unnecessary cycles of work and effort.”

“A company has to have a complete vision for what it can uniquely do, and then back it up with conviction and the capability to make it happen.”

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