Change is difficult. Change is messy. Change is back and forth. Change is challenge. Change is uncomfortable. Change is fearful. Change is confusing. Change is emotional. Change is constant. The longer we fight change, the longer it stays.

Alas, change is the mother of innovation and invention. Change doesn’t have to be boring. The journey to making change has to be fun. In the words of the wise, “Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit.”

In the word of Tim Brown in his book, “Change by Design”, – “When change is powered by a collaborative processes such as design thinking, we will be able to convert needs to demands.” In today’s business world, collaboration rules!


DT LEADERSHIP believes that a “more pleasant change experience” can be achieved by:

  1. CONVERSATION – through information exchange we are able to influence and shape the best thoughts to achieve higher level achievement in our life.
  1. COLLABORATION – the cornerstone of modern organization execution is working and synergizing with others. This is also the best way to expand people capabilities.
  2. INNOVATION – it could be generating new business ideas, building up stronger creative confidence or attempting to solve social challenges; actionable tasks and meaningful progress nudge us forward.
  1. SATISFACTION – why do anything unless it is going to be great?

Utilizing design thinking methodology inspired by Stanford, DT LEADERSHIP helps organization get back at innovation in an exciting, thrilling and with full enjoyment! ;D


Design Thinking methodology from Stanford, USA


“Talent can be so dazzling, so seductive, that the person who is recruiting may forget that not every talented person works well with others.”

“In collaborative problem solving, the members don’t simply solve problems. They are engaged in a process of discovery that is it’s own reward.”

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