DT LEADERSHIP vision is to assist organizations, leaders and managers to:


Leaders of today is no longer great by having big titles. Leaders of today are great by their ability to innovate – professionally and personally. If you are current leaders that have big titles but struggling to innovate, your days are numbered.

Whilst to the other leaders group that probably lower in rank, smaller in titles and not main stream yet you constantly innovating (and hacks) your way, keep going because your time is just around the corner. Let’s better our best this year!

Are you ready to seize the day? Jump start and partner us to innovate, transform and build leaders. Jom!!

Let’s Flip It – Join Our Innovation Programs and Workshops in 2020

Get inspired with this video – What If You Can?

“Innovate for the future and growth.”

“Build on your existing strengths.”

“Assess and act on your capabilities.”

Design Thinking Workshop & Innovation Coaching with DHL Malaysia & Brunei

Hackathon & Ideation Lab Workshop with Malaysia Airlines

Design Thinking Innovation Bootcamp with TNB Senior Managers

Design Thinking Innovation Workshop with TNB Young Executives

What Does Corporate Innovation Needs?